Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DCMTK adds 1 sec delay

When measured transfer speed with a simple dcmtk server (C-MOVE SCP/C-STORE SCU) and client (CMOVE SCU/C-STORE SCP) I was surprised to see that there is always a 1 sec delay before the actual C-STORE transfer starts.

Checking the source code revealed that in dimmove.c at selectReadable function:

timeout = 1; /* poll wait until an assoc req or move rsp */

then invoke with assoc and subassoc in the assocList:
ASC_selectReadableAssociation(assocList, assocCount, timeout))

that leads to DcmTransportConnection::fastSelectReadableAssociation
where it instead of a single select on the assoc and the subassoc it does a select for first on the association, then after a 1 sec delay on the subassociation.

This one second timout for select that is experienced as 1 sec extra if someone relies on the callback implementation for the C-STORE SCP on the client side.

When I implemented the C-CTORE SCP in its separate thread (and not using the callback in the DIMSE_moveUser) obviously this 1 sec delay was removed.

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